Moon-elf from the High Forest


Lafarivain [ “Spirit of the Silver Moon” ]
A Female Moon-Elf Archer from the High Forest who’s father is a Mage & mother a Ranger in the High Forest militia. She grew up surrounded by a combination of magic & martial arts, guided by both parents in their respective pursuits. It is therefore unsurprising that upon coming of age she decided to seek the path of the Elven Arcane Archer and plans to eventually join The Sisters of the Eternal Moon [ Lafeathnar ], a martial sect of the followers of Sehaine Moonbow, also know as The Silver Sisters [ Arinar ]. Her favoured weapon is the Longbow like her mother, and they would regularly head out together during quiet periods for her to practice the skills of a woodland stalker.

In this time she gained competence in skills traditionally learned by rogues combined with the combat tendencies of a fighter [ Martial Training ], specialising in staying unseen & silent, as well as working to enhance the elves natural alertness & detection abilities. Time spent in the forests tall trees has also given her experience in gauging distances, climbing, tumbling & jumping from tree to tree whilst tracking prey. Her mother also ensured that Lafarivain learned to maintain her weapon & arrows to a high standard by arranging time with the settlement’s Bowyers & Fletchers. From these craftsmen she also learn how to create the basic bow types and bayonet fixtures, as well as the more advanced Elven Bow. The latter is achieved by reinforcing the usual ranged weapon to allow it to be used as a bludgeoning weapon in close combat making it an invaluable last defense when a target gets too close to make arrows practical.

From her father she learned the basics of arcane magic [ Magical Training ], and though she doesn’t have the depth of knowledge nor the skill that true mages possess through their intense focused study & training, it provides her with the ability to detect & use magical scrolls as well as cast minor spells.

In order to become a fully-fledged Arcane Archer Lafarivain must first master various skills with the bow as Caelesti, an Elven Archer , then gain greater understanding of arcane magic to become Caelmaesti [ Archer Mage ], and then continue to train until reaching sufficient level of martial ability to undertake the further training necessary to qualify to swear the oath to the Sisterhood and become Besmil-Caelrethesti , Oath Bonded Elven Arcane Archer , first of the 5 formal ranks leading to the final position of Caelselliarethesti , Elven Arcane Archer High Master.

Stages of becoming an Elven Arcane Archer High Master and their relevant prefix honorifics:

Caelesti [ Elven Archer ]
[ Level 1 [R1] & 2 [R1/F1] ]
Develop the basic skills required of an Elven Archer, to shoot more accurately at short range [ Point Blank Shot ] & to be able to fire arrows with greater speed [ Rapid Shot ], as well as learn to case spells whilst wearing light armour [ Armoured Mage ]

Caelmaesti [ Elven Archer Mage ]
[ Level 3 [R1/F1/EWS1], 4 [R2/F1/EWS1] & 5 [R2/F2/EWS1] ]
Introduce the element of arcane magic to their repertoire [ Elven Wizard Substitution Level ], and become more accurate with the long bow, especially in firing into combatPrecise Shot. Her background in stealth will lend Lafarivain a better chance to avoid damage [ Evasion ]. Lafarivain’s ongoing Arcane practice building on her father’s teachings mean she has developed casting ability beyond just her mage level [ Practiced Spellcaster ]. The introduction of more focused arcane study will allow the casting of L1 spells & provide a greater range of cantrips available, the ability to scribe scrolls of any spell known, as well as the ability to call a magical familiar. Traditional Moon Elf Forest familiars are the Cat, Raven or Owl.

Caelaelmaesti [ Elven Archer Mage Knight ]
[ Level 6 [R3/F2/EWS1] & 7 [R3/F3/EWS1] ]
Further improve accuracy with her Longbow [ Weapon Focus:Longbow ] Develop the ability to describe sound with amazing accuracy [ Skill:Listen to This ] and an almost supernatural ability to spot and hear threats without devoting time to do so[ Quick Reconnoiter ], allowing her to react far swifter than even the average elf. Lafarivain’s combined stealth, magical and martial training will also allowed her a variant thief ability to better resist spells rather than avoid traps [ Spell Sense ]

Caelferamaesti [ Elven Archer Mage Champion ]
[ Level 8 [R4/F3/EWS1] & 9 [R4/F4/EWS1] ]
Expand the ability to shoot arrows quicker to allow them to shoot multiple arrows in the same shot [ Many Shot:2 ], increase damage of all arrows[ Weapon Specialisation:Longbow ] & develop a set of skills specially suited to woodland archer [ Woodland Archer ]. Also building on her focused sensed she can study a target to find the best place to strike with an arrow to increase chances to wound [ Skill:Spot Weak Point ]

Besmil-Caelrethesti [ Oath Bond Elven Arcane Archer ]
[ Level 10 [R3/F4/EWS1/AA1] & 11 [R3/F4/EWS1/AA2] ]
Initiate members of The Silver Sisters are taught the secret of enhancing their arrows at the moment of release to grant magical bonus to their accuracy & damage [ Enhance Arrow +1 ], followed by the ability to imbue their arrows with spells they have prepared to allow them to be fired up to the range of the bow [ Imbue Arrow ].

Caelrethesti [ Elven Arcane Archer ]
[ Level 12 [R3/F4/EWS1/AA3] & 13 [R3/F4/EWS1/AA4] ]
At junior rank they are taught the next stage of arrow enhancement to further augment attacks [ Enhance Arrow +2 ], and once per day create an arrow that will even follow its target out of sight an round corners [ Seeker Arrow ]. Also become true masters of the bow gaining further martial skill & range [ Range Weapon Mastery:Piercing ], and a further arrow to the many shot skill [ Many Shot:3 ].

Caelaelrethesti [ Elven Arcane Archer Knight ]
[ Level 14 [R3/F4/EWS1/AA5]& 15 [R3/F4/EWS1/AA6] ]
Knights learn the third of the five increments in arrow enhancement [ Enhance Arrow +3 ], as well as the ability to once per day shoot an arrow that can pass through intervening objects to strike their target [ Phase Arrow ]. They also improve their accuracy when shooting multiple arrows [ Improved Rapid Shot ]

Caelferarethesti [ Elven Arcane Archer Champion ]
[ Level 16 [R3/F4/EWS1/AA7] & 17 [R3/F4/EWS1/AA8] ]
Champions gain a further arrow enhancement [ Enhance Arrow +4 ], and the ability to magically split an arrow at the moment of release to strike at a number of targets equal to their Arcane Archer ability [ Hail of Arrow ].

Caelliarethesti [ Elven Arcane Archer Master ]
[ Level 18 [R3/F4/EWS1/AA9] ]
Master Archers reach the final level of arrow enhancement [ Enhance Arrow +5 ], add a final 4th arrow to the Many Shot skill, and a greater chance to inflict critical hits [ Improved Critical:Longbow ].

Caelselliarethesti [ Elven Arcane Archer High Master ]
[ Level 19 [R3/F4/EWS1/AA10] ]
With careful preparation a High Master can fashion an Arrow of Death, of which she may only have one at any given time, that is magically infused with the essence of death & will slay any target that does not have sufficient fortitude to resist its effect.



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