The Aureolus Empire

Motto/Nickname:The Empire
Region:Northern Larsil
Ruler:Bareth Adder II
Government:Feudal Monarchy
Established:IR 0
Major Towns:
Provinces:Gold Coast, Dales, Spine Hills, Dagger Hills, Neverheart, Occupied Crescent Sea, Occupied Northern Marches
Coinage:Tower (pp), Crown (gp), Knight (ep), Leaf (sp), Common (cp)
Population:5,396,000 (excluding occupied lands)
Races:Humans, Dwarves, Half-orcs, Elves, Halflings, Gnomes, Half-elves, Other
Languages:Common, Darnish, Krundan, Lashkan
Religions:Bannat, Cunock, Erlena, Tal, Wallkane, Xenthan
Allies:The Brightshore, Merrivale
Enemies:The Northern Marches, The Crescent Sea, Valhurst

The Aureolus Empire (usually referred to simply as “The Empire”) is the largest and most expansionist of all the lands in Larsil. Although ruthless in its acquisition of new lands, it is also well known for the fair treatment of its citizens. The Empire has also been known to acquire lands through diplomacy and negotiation, but this is rare.


The Aureolus Empire began life as an alliance of city states along the Gold Coast. This alliance was forged by the efforts of Bareth Adder and his companions, rumoured to be travellers from another world. As soon as Bareth had unified the Gold Coast, he turned his attention to the many small states bordering his lands. The Dalelands joined this fledging Empire willingly, looking for support against marauding monsters and bandits. Similarly, the lands of the Spine Hills to the north also joined after brief negotiations. With the conquest of these lands, Bareth declared the beginning of the Aureolus Empire and founded the Imperial Reckoning (IR 0).

The new empire sought to expand further, but both the Dagger Hills and Neverheart were not as willing as the other lands, and were taken into the Empire by force. The war did not last long, however, as their armies were not as regimented as the Empire’s, and their populace were not well treated, and so did not feel the need to stand against the invading forces. With these lands now securely within the folds of the Empire, Emperor Bareth I spent the remaining years of his reign solidifying his power, and preparing his son for the throne.

He did not have to wait long, as Bareth I passed away only a decade later. Bareth II did not sit idly on the Imperal Throne. Eager to expand the Empire’s trade and influence west across the Summer Sea, he began a campaign of aggression against the Crescent Sea, hoping to secure their coastline and many sea ports. The campaign was going well until rumblings in the east forced a change in the Empire’s strategy.

The Northern Marches were unexpectedly unified by a single warlord, who threatened invasion across the Empire’s north east border. Rather than wait for the expect invasion, Bareth II chose a pre-emptive strike into the Northern Marches. While this assault successfully disrupted the warlords invasion force, it split the Imperial Armies across two fronts,halting it’s assault on the Crescent Sea and preventing it from advancing further into the northern lands. The uneasy stalemate is poised to tip at any moment, and rumours abound that the protracted wars are straining the Imperial coffers.



The Empire extends from The Spine of the World to the north, to the Dagger Mountains to the south. The Greymists and Crescent Sea border it to the west, Valhurst to the south west, Merrivale, High Forest and The Brightshore to the south and the Northern Marches to the north east. The eastern edge of the Empire ends abruptly at the Gold Sea.


As of now, the population of The Empire totals 5,396,000 persons, the vast majority being humans of chiefly Darnish stock. Dwarves, half-orcs, elves, halflings, gnomes, and half-elves make up less than 20% of the total population.


The Aureolus Empire is a hereditary feudal monarchy. The power of the emperor is currently not limited by any other authority. Since IR 0, the nation’s capitol has been Greycrest.

Each province has several Governors that represent the population on behalf of the Empire, although in practice they are often puppets of the Imperial military forces. Due to the Feudal nature of the Empire, the provinces are often also split into many fiefdoms given to loyal Imperial commanders.


The economy of the Empire as a whole is extremely diverse due to its size, but one thing everyone knows is that it has vast wealth. For more information, please see the information for the individual provinces where available.


The Empire’s road system is on of the best in Larsil. Some of the back lanes have been left untended in recent years, however, due to the Empire having to wage war on two fronts.

Much shipborne traffic comes through the Gold Coast, but due to the lack of coast to the west, the Empire has less established trade routes across the Summer Sea.


The Empire has one of the largest standing armies of all of Larsil. Each province has it’s own division led by a Marshall who aids the provincial Governor in ruling and defending the local population. As well as these forces, there exist two other branches of the Imperial Army. The Expeditionary Force was established by Emperor Bareth I to provide to be the main offensive arm of the Empire. It is specialised in assault, freeing up local forces to defend and hold defeated lands. The last force is the small, but impressive Imperial Guard. Members of the Guard are the cream of the other forces that have demonstrated exceptional loyalty to the Emperor. Protection of the Emperor is their only duty, and they are expected to defend him to the last. As well as these ground forces, the Empire also has a large and expanding Navy that patrols the Gold Sea extensively, and the Summer Sea to a much lesser extent.

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The Aureolus Empire

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