Larsil Demigod
Symbol:White Rook before a chessboard
Home Plane:Clockwork Nirvana of Mechanus
Alignment:Lawful neutral
Portfolio:Strategy, planning, tactics
Worshippers:Fighters, gamesters, monks, strategists, tacticians
Cleric Alignments:LE, LG, LN
Domains:Law, Nobility, Planning, War
Favoured Weapon:“Checkmate” (longsword)

Lady of Strategy, Grandmaster of the Lanceboard

Calm and logical in demeanour, Aldor displays a great wealth of compassion, though she is unafraid to send her worshippers to their deaths when necessary to secure the object of a plan. She rarely raises her voice and is said to love a good joke and have a throaty laugh. She dislikes flighty behaviour, and looks unfavourably upon those who switch alliances often or capriciously.


Aldor was elevated to divine status by Bannat as a natural counterbalance to Hildek. She loyally serves her patron, whom she regards as a father figure, and seeks to undermine both Hildek and Tanor. She works closely to Bannat, who holds a similar disposition, and sees Yulevin the Mighty as her best ally in naval combat, even if he is somewhat unreliable.


War is won by those with the best planning, strategy, and tactics, regardless of the apparent odds. Any fool can snatch defeat from the jaws of victory with fortune’s aid. Only a master strategist can ensure lasting victory. War is a series of battles. Losing a battle does not necessarily indicate the war is lost. Seek out your opponent’s weaknesses and recognize your own; avoid an opponent’s strengths and play to your own. Only by focusing one’s own strengths on the opponent’s vulnerabilities can triumph be ensured. In times of war prepare for peace; in times of peace prepare for war. Seek out your enemy’s enemies as allies, and be prepared to compromise. Life is an endless series of skirmishes with occasional outbreaks of war. Be ready—and have a contingency plan.

Clergy and Temples

The church of the Aldor, known as the Black and White Fellowship, is an offshoot of a monastic order within the hierarchy of the church of Bannat that concentrated on planning and strategy and has only emerged from the shadow of the temple of Bannat since the Scourge of Fire. Members of the Black and White Fellowship serve in armies throughout Larsil, often as high-ranking commanders of elite squads. Others are well-respected instructors in war colleges. A few are quartermasters skilled at obtaining and managing supplies or establishing and maintaining supply lines over hostile territory. Quite a few clerics of Aldor have authored tomes on military strategy. When not on duty, clerics of the Black and White Fellowship are known for their love of gaming. Although they avoid games of chance that require the smile of Lady Luck more than the brilliance of Aldor, clerics of the faith strive to constantly improve their skills in abstract games of all sorts to further challenge their development of parallel lines of thought and new stratagems and to sharpen their ability to read an opponent’s intentions.

Clerics of Aldor pray for their spells at night before going to sleep, preparing for the day to come. In addition to observing the holy days and important ceremonies of the church of Bannat, the clergy of Aldor honour two important holy days. The Retreat is an annual even held every Midwinter’s Day. During this solemn ceremony, the clergy of Aldor assemble for a day-long retrospective on the previous years campaigns. Strategies are discussed, battles are analysed, and the accumulated lore is integrated into the church’s teachings. The Queen’s Gambit is celebrated on the first day of the fourth month. During this festival, the clergy of Aldor unwind with a day of feasting and gamesmanship. Day-long tournaments of chess (also known as Lanceboard) are held, with the tournament victors receiving recognition, titles of merit, promotions, and, sometimes, a precious gift from the temple armoury.

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