On this page you will find links to the major nations on Larsil. They have been sub-divided into their respective geographical regions to make them easier to look up.

Northern Larsil

  • The Aureolus Empire – The largest and most aggressive nation in Northern Larsil
    • Gold Coast Province
    • Dales Province
    • Spine Hills Province
    • Dagger Hills Province
    • Neverheart Province
  • The Crescent Sea – nation of harbour cities
  • Coldhaven – a nation of mostly human costal towns
  • The Dragonshaes – an island nation of elves
  • The Frey Marsh – peaceful kingdom that remains isolated and neutral
  • The Greymists – a mountainous kingdom, prepared for war with Westerfell
  • Harradath – a nation of humans from across the seas
  • Icedagger Dale – a desolate land of dispersed settlements
  • Icedell – a mostly desolated land with only a few settlements
  • Krundor Lands – land of the Krundor barbarian tribes
  • The Northern Marches – a collection of human nations united under a tyrannical warlord
  • The Old Forest – seat of old elven power, still ruled by the wood elves
  • Valhurst – a human nation governed by a ruling class of wizards
  • Westerfell – another expanding, human empire

Central Larsil

  • Aelbourne – Home of the Lightfoot and Strongheart Halflings
  • The Brightshore – collection of human city states
  • Eastwald – a human nation among sub-tropical forests
  • The High Forest – seat of the elven kingdoms and location of the High Court
  • Merrivale – human kingdom mixed with several rock gnome settlements
  • Starryfell – a human kingdom that also hosts a large population of half-elves and some of the more tolerant elves
  • Zampur – wilderness inhabited by the ghostwise halflings, once the seat of an ancient empire

Southern Larsil

  • Demervil – an old human kingdom now ruled by half-drow loyal to the drow of the underdark
  • Eriness – Largest country in Southern Larsil filled with wild jungles in the north
  • Frosthold – the last civilised lands before the great ice sheets of the south
  • Shadkell – a kingdom of barbaric human tribes
  • Kingdom of Yoredon – a human kingdom with designs on reclaiming the lands of Zampur

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