Greater Larsil Deity
Symbol:Mountains on purple
Home Plane:Elemental Plane of Earth
Portfolio:Elemental earth, solidity, changlessness, oaths
Worshippers:Elemental archons (earth), fighters, monks, rangers
Cleric Alignments:CN, N, NE, NG, LN
Domains:Cavern, Earth, Metal, Time
Favoured Weapon:A stony fist (warhammer)

Earthlord, King of the Land Below the Roots

Cunock is the elemental embodiment of earth. He is one of the four elemental deities worshipped in Larsil but, like all except Hayde, has a very small following. He cares only slightly for his followers, accepting offerings of sardonyx, jasper, and other stones without complaint or comment. Cunock’s gifts are most often protective magics or knowledge of the underearth’s secret places or rich lodes or ore, though he seems to mete them out without determinable reason.


Cunock is one of the four elemental lords who seem to stand apart from history, unchanged by the passage of time. He has ties to other gods concerned with the element of earth, including Garl Glittergold, Dumathoin, Laduguer, and Urogalan, but no strong relationships. He opposes flighty, inconsistent Tanys at every opportunity.


The eternal Cunock is perfect and unchanging. Strive to be more like the eternal one, not to change or allow change to happen. One’s given word is the bedrock upon which is stable society is built. To break an oath is to cause a crack in the foundation of civilization. Go forth and spread the word of Cunock and show through your works the stability and safety he brings.

Clergy and Temples

The church of Cunock is organized into small sects known as Holds, each comprising seven clerics, seven monks, and seven rangers and as many laity as can be supported. There is little dissension within Holds, and little interaction between Holds. Those who follow the Earthlord can often be found in public preaching against the evils of boarding ships and setting sail to uncharted lands, preferring exploration on the continent of Larsil. Many of the clergy members preach that “more than enough problems exist to occupy our time here at home without looking for new troubles.” Cunock’s clergy members also take stances against changes in the social code, changes in government, the building of new landmarks that change the face of the land (such as dams) and changes in their own religion.

Clerics of Cunock pray for their spells at dawn while giving thanks that the earth remained stable while they slept. The only official holy day of the church is the last day of Deepwinter (28th of Linisoth), when a festival is held to celebrate the completion of another year and to plan the faith’s activities for the upcoming year. Once set, such plans never change. Cunockian faithful swear an Oath of Landwalking never to travel through air or across water unless their life depends upon it.


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