Submission Guidelines

Rules on editing the wiki

This wiki is intended to allow users and players to add and edit entries to help keep things up to date, and to aid creativity. However, if it is left as a complete free for all, there is always the risk of abuse and additions that may run contrary to the initial concept of the campaign.

To help prevent this, these submission guidelines have been developed, not to restrict the editing process, but simply to ensure that the GM won’t cause disappointment by deleting articles you have spent valuable time creating.

Some of these points were previously raised in the introduction to the wiki, but are reiterated here again to reinforce their importance.

Points to note:

  1. Please discuss any plans to add new entries with the GM. (this is to ensure the general content and themes of the entry are in line with the feel of the campaign)
  2. Please ensure the GM is informed of any changes made to wiki entries. (this can be done by ticking the email update box at the bottom of the editing section)
  3. The GM reserves the right to make any amendments to entries if he feels this is necessary.
  4. Please be careful when you edit anything you find on this site.
  5. Removal of entries or large sections of entries is not allowed. (contact the GM if you feel a section needs removing)
  6. Do not link to external PDFs of source books or other material that may be copyrighted. Webpages are usually okay, however, check with the GM first to see if the target resource is acceptable.
  7. The GM reserves the right to remove any entries he feels are not appropriate.

If in doubt about a submission, please contact the GM.

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Submission Guidelines

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