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Great northern empires strive to regain their former glory, amassing great armies and pushing further into the wilderness and across old borders. Smaller nations rally together in fear, readying defences against the power-hungry warlords.

The Elves, once safe in their woodland kingdoms, ponder how best to deal with the growing threat of humankind. Do they choose the path of peace, or the way of war. The Dwarves emerge again from their deep mountain homes, looking to restore the glory of their own empires of stone.

In the shadows sinister forces stir, plotting the downfall or manipulation of the nations so close to war.

Bands of marauding orcs, goblins and other foul beasts take advantage of the humanoid wars to strike at the poorly defended wilderness settlements, revelling in the plunder obtained. Meanwhile, ancient darkness stirs, threatening to bring devastation to all…

This is the world of Larsil, a land on the verge of war and calamity, where heroes and villains have myriad opportunities to prove their worth and realise their dreams. Whether it be in service to the Empire, aiding the rebels, defending the helpless communities, or exploring the ruins of ancient Empires like Zampur, adventure lies just around the corner. If you dare to look.

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