Motto/Nickname:Kazkhan Prison / The Forgotten Ones
Size:Man made structures 2+ levels; Rumoured route to Under-Realms
Established:350 years in operation
Alignment:LE, CE
Population:Unknown number of prisoners, 40 guards, officers and captain
Races:Prisoners are various humanoid types (humans, ogres, half orcs etc) convicted of various “evils” and the imprisonment of the unclean races unfit to serve (kobolds, tieflings, gnomes, elves etc).
Languages:Common, Amanish, Mixture of whoever is incarcerated
Authority Figures:Captain Brage

Kazkhan Prison, feared more than any other prison in Valhurst (or much of the surrounding lands) – a place for the nobility of Valhurst to put away their political opponents and for the xenophobic lust of the despot of the day to be satiated. Many arrive, few escape…


Kazkhan Prison was founded over 350 years ago, when Despot Odwin Erras demanded that a new dungeon be built to house the prisoners of yet another “cleansing” of the Valhurst nobility. Over the years any pretence of justice soon disappeared and several levels were added for the “unclean” races, deemed by the nobility to be unworthy of their freedom. In recent times most of the lower levels were blocked off due to increasing numbers, leading to this place often being described as housing the “Forgotten Ones”.


The prison is dug deep into the ground on a rocky plateau in central Valhurst. Originally all five levels were guarded, but currently the guard only patrol levels 1 and 2, with their time taken up keeping watch on murderers, the criminally insane and political prisoners. Worse fates await for the “unclean” races, who are rounded up and send down to the lower depths never to be heard from again. It is rumoured that there is an entrance to the under-realms somewhere within…


Level 1 houses political prisoners and various nobility, actually not so bad for a life term. Once you get used to the dire rats. Level 2 houses the murderers and the criminally insane. A large passageway leads down to the lower levels, where groups of the unclean are sent – and never ever come back. Captain Brage commands the guards from his watchtower above the prison; his main interests is keeping the flow of undesirable races going down to the lower depths at a maximum…


The tunnel leading down to the forgotten ones is a sight to behold, say the guards.


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